About Me

Female Editorial, Beauty and Fashion Photographer.

I have been experimenting in the world of Photography for over 10 years, self taught. 

I fully direct all my photoshoots.

I am constantly striving to create more interesting and unique images with the help of models, designers, make-up artists and hairstylists. 
My photography is complimented by my knowledge of retouching with Photoshop and editing images to have a more creative appeal. 
I have several front covers and full page spreads in a range of magazines, including Vogue.it.

Abigail in Vogue Italia 

Abigail in Vogue Italia 

Abigail in Vogue Italia 

Sian Couture in Vogue Italia 

Sian collection in Vogue Italia 

Pethers Moon in Vogue Italia 

Front Cover for Tattoo Fest Magazine


Sally Sparrow 


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